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HB Ingredients

Chocolate Cups

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CHD-CP-10626-999 312pcs Dark Coffee Cups Dia.56mm - h.21mm*
Please call us to order.
CHD-CM-20530E0-999 4x72pcs Dark Coffee Cups Dia.56mm - h.21mm
Please call us to order.
32 in stock
CHD-CV-20516E0-999 270pcs Dark Snob Dia. 27mm h.26mm(Small Carved Cups)
110 in stock
CHX-CP-10729-999 270pcs Marbled Snobinettes (Dia.27mm h.26mm)
27 in stock
CHM-CP-10623-999 5x16pcs Milk Tulip Cups SeleneDia.63mm - h 56mm.*
Please call us to order.
Found items: 5