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C501/UA 15kg Dark Chunks 10mm
142 in stock
C501/UK10 15kg Dark Bakestable Drop 10,000/kg
166 in stock
O3X5/RA 15kg Milk 28.9% Chunks 10mm
out of stock
X605/RK10 15kg White Grains 10,000/kg
67 in stock
X605/RA 15kg White Chunks 10mm
84 in stock
VH-9401-552 2.5kg Dark Bakestable Chips 6000 - 7000p/kg VH-9401-E4-U70
5 in stock
CHW-DR-75V00-552 2.5kg White Bakestable Chips/ Drops 6750-8250p/kg
7 in stock
CHW-DR-75V00-552 4x2.5kg White Bakestable Chips/ Drops 6750-8250p/kg
5 in stock
P0141362-540 25kg Dark Choffies 11,000 p/kg
48 in stock
P0141187-164 25kg Dark Choffies 22000 p/kg P0141187-164
33 in stock
P0141174-540 25kg Dark Choffies 7500 p/kg
29 in stock
W0011213-540 25kg White Choffies 7500 p/kg
58 in stock
CHD-CU-20X014-471 10kg Dark Chocolate Chunks 8x8x6mm*
Please call us to order.
P0141330-540 25kg Dark Chunks 10x10x6mm
23 in stock
CHD-CU-20V115N-552 2.5kg Dark Bakestable Chunks 11x12x5mm
4 in stock
CHD-CU-20V115N-552 4x2.5kg Dark Bakestable Chunks 11x12x5mm
21 in stock
P0141338-164 25kg Dark Chunks 8x8x6mm
36 in stock
CHM-CU-17X259-552 2.5kg Milk Bakestable Chunks 11x12x5mm
6 in stock
CHM-CU-17X259-552 4x2.5kg Milk Bakestable Chunks 11x12x5mm
13 in stock
M0231376-164 25kg Milk Chunks EL4 8x8x6mm
11 in stock
CHW-CU-18V02NV-552 2.5kg White Bakestable Chunks 11x12x5mm
out of stock
CHW-CU-18V02NV-552 4x2.5kg White Bakestable Chunks 11x12x5mm
out of stock
P0021006-540 25kg Dark Washington Bits 3500 p/kg
3 in stock
P0021251-540 25kg Dark Washington Bits 7500 p/kg
26 in stock
NIBS-S502-X47 800g Cocoa Nibs
21 in stock
NIBS-S502-X47 4x800g Cocoa Nibs
52 in stock
CHF-BS-20587E4-999 1kg Caramel Blossom Curls
10 in stock
CHD-BS-20565E0-999 1kg Dark Blossom Curls
13 in stock
CHM-BS-20591E0 -9991kg Milk Blossom
out of stock
CHX-BS-19498-999/CHX-BS-20582E0-999 1kg Marbled Blossom Curls
16 in stock
CHW-BS-19495-999/CHW-BS-20576E0-999 1kg White Blossom Curls
20 in stock
CED-CC-D1CRISP-W97/CED-CC-D1CRIE0-W 97 800g Dark Chocolate Crispearls
6 in stock
CED-CC-D1CRISP-W97/CED-CC-D1CRIE0-W 97 4x800g Dark Chocolate Crispearls
36 in stock
CEF-CC-CARAME0-W97 800g Salted Caramel Crispearls
13 in stock
CEF-CC-CARAME0-W97 4x800g Salted Caramel Crispearls CEF-CC-CARAMEL-W97 old code
33 in stock
CEM-CC-M1CRIE0-W97 800g Milk Chocolate Crispearls
8 in stock
CEM-CC-M1CRIE0-W97 4x800g Milk Chocolate Crispearls
37 in stock
CEF-CC-STRAWB-E0-W97 800g Strawberry Chocolate Crispearls To be discontinued
13 in stock
CEF-CC-STRA-E0-W97 4x800g Strawberry Chocolate Crispearls To be Discontinued
29 in stock
CEW-CC-W1CRIE0-W97 800g White Chocolate Crispearls
6 in stock
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