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HB Ingredients
Cocoa Powders and Cocoa Liquor(Mass)
Choose from our range of various Cocoa Powders to blend through and colour your Chocolate Ice Cream.
Use Cocoa Liquor to maximise the taste in Chocolate Ice Cream. Choose from our range available below.

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EBONY 1kg Cocoa Mass 96% Easimelt
8 in stock
EBONY 12kg Cocoa Mass 96% Easimelt
118 in stock
EBONY 8x1kg Cocoa Mass 96% Easimelt
101 in stock
Tulip 470 25kg Cocoa Powder 10-12%.
Please call us to order.
80 in stock
CP-776/ CP-E0-776 1kg Cocoa Powder Medium Brown
59 in stock
CP-776/ CP-E0-776 20x1kg Cocoa Powder Medium Brown
43 in stock
CP-E0-777 4x5kg Cocoa Powder Medium brown
49 in stock
CP-E0-777 5kg Cocoa Powder Medium brown
1 in stock
D21S 25kg Cocoa Powder 20-22%.
Please call us to order.
103 in stock
DCP-22SP-E0-760 1kg Extra Brute Cocoa Powder Red Brown
69 in stock
DCP-22SP-760 / CP-22SP-E0-760 6x1kg Extra Brute Cocoa Powder Red Brown
523 in stock
25kg Black Ibiza Cocoa Powder. 10-12%
Please call us to order.
37 in stock
DCP-22GT-BY-760/DCP-22GT-BY-E0-760 6x1kg Plein Arome Dark Cocoa Powder
358 in stock
01070479 1kg Cocoa Powder 22-24%
50 in stock
CM010/CM002 20kg Luker 100% Cocoa Liquor Easimelt (Cocoa Mass)
29 in stock
CHOC-P-NV-782 20kg 44% Chocolate Powder.*
Please call us to order.
Found items: 20
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