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HB Ingredients
A selection of outstanding bases for classic Gelato/Ice Cream  production.

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#IC 01070645 1kg Joybase Infinity50 powdered ice cream base mix*
4 in stock
IC 01070814 4x2kg Joybase Infinity Pro 100 powdered ice cream base mix
3 in stock
IC 01070738 1kg Joybase Neutral C10
16 in stock
IC 01070738 6x1kg Joybase Neutral C10
67 in stock
IC 01070653 1kg Joybase Neutral Fix powdered ice cream base mix
8 in stock
IC 01070653 6x1kg Joybase Neutral Fix powdered ice cream base mix
6 in stock
IC 01070714 6x1kg Joybase Talento 50 ice cream base mix
60 in stock
N761 1.5kg Greek Yoghurt Base
4 in stock
N761 8x1.5kg Greek Yoghurt Base
out of stock
F723 1.5kg Neutral 5 AU Base
17 in stock
F723 8x1.5kg Neutral 5 AU Base
25 in stock
F706 1.5kg Neutral Fine Base
4 in stock
F706 8x1.5kg Neutral Fine Base
3 in stock
N956 8x1.45kg Black Hawaii Ready Lines*
Please call us to order.
F953 10x1kg Chai Tea Latte Ready Line
1 in stock
N965 1.65kg Black Vanila Ready Line
4 in stock
N965 8x1.65kg Black Vanila Ready Line
3 in stock
Found items: 19