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A selection of Stracciatella and Coatings containing a High % of real chocolate for maximum taste and application, simply melt the JoyCouverture and use as a Stracciatella or as a dipping coating for Ice Cream lollies.

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IC 01011108 3kg Joycouverture Gianduiotto Coating/Stracciatella (70% chocolate)
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IC 01011103 3kg Joycouverture Limoncello Coating /Stracciatella (62% chocolate)
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IC 01011104 3kg Joycouverture Orange Coating /Stracciatella (62% chocolate)*
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IC 01011105 3kg Joycouverture Pistachio Coating /Stracciatella (62% chocolate)
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IC 01010695 5kg Joycouverture Dark Coating/Stracciatella 62% Chocolate
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IC 01010887 5kg Joycouverture Extra Dark Coating/Stracciatella 75% Choc
15 in stock
Found items: 9