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We have added new Joyfruits, Joypastes, Joycreams, Joybases, Joybenessere(Wellness) and Joytopping products.

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4043 11kg Milk Chocolate Coated Shortcake Pieces, 6-8mm* MOQ- 100kg
Please call us to order.
HM2152 1.75kg Cocoa Butter Coated Shortcake Granules, 6-7mm
64 in stock
GEM00599 12kg Salted caramel flavoured toffee pieces 2–5mm*
15 in stock
N957 1.5kg Happy Hour Base (Alcohol Sorbet Base)
14 in stock
N957 8x1.5kg Happy Hour Base (Alcohol Sorbet Base)
3 in stock
F728 2kg Vegetal fruit base 70 (mix with 70 Gr. Of Powder, 350g sugar + 1 Lt. Water)
out of stock
F038 7.5Kg Granny’s Cookie Granules*
1 in stock
F041 2x3Kg Rum and Raisin Paste* Alcohol Free
2 in stock
N690 Cioccolato Bianco UK White Chocolate Paste 20kg
out of stock
46010137 Sosa 50g Fruity Aroma*
Please call us to order.
DIS102 1000pcs Personalised Wafer Disc Moulded Gold-Brown 63mm*
Please call us to order.
F337 2x3Kg Choco Peanut Rippling Sauce (Variegato)*
Please call us to order.
Found items: 12