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Telephone Charges

The 08 numbers sit over the top of our telephone lines to provide a cheaper alternative to the national rate. Unfortunately, although these numbers are set as 'local rate' (0845) or 'local rated' (0844), the amount that you will pay for these calls are set by your telephone provider and can vary within cost boundaries set by Ofcom. These variations can differ greatly from one provider to the next so please ensure you are familiar with the rate your provider will charge, if you feel that the rate charged by your provider is onerous you can raise this with Ofcom.


Ask your provider for their charges based on the following -

0845 88 00 799 - Local NTS

0844 32 44 499 - G6


HB Ingredients does not profit from the charges made to you by your provider and we want you to be able to contact us in the way best suited to you. Generally speaking, the cost of calling an 08 number will be less on a landline and greater on a mobile phone, in which case it may be more cost effective to call the normal 01 number underlying 08 number.


Main number

Underlying number

General Enquiries

0845 88 00 799

01273 409 300

Sales hotline

0844 32 44 499

01273 476 721

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